About grouptic Service

Service Background

In this age of mobile innovation, there are various group-related services available. But we think that up until now a tool optimized for convenient address book management has not been created.

Previously, each of us has developed successful services on our own. This time, we have come together as a team to design and develop the Grouptic service.

Service Usage

Small groups of emergency contacts or larger groups for alumni gatherings, church meetings, family get-togethers etc can be created so that members can conveniently share contact information.

In addition to the basic information such as e-mail and cell phone numbers, users can freely add new information to suit their needs. Depending on the nature of the group, more specific information could be important. For example, a hockey or football team's group may find it useful to share equipment or shoe size information.

Grouptic is designed to allow its users to view, edit and save member information anytime, anywhere in real time. Users of Grouptic can enjoy the convenience of having a virtual secretary available at their fingertips at any time by downloading our mobile application.

Who we are

Head of service: Yong-joon Hyoung
Cyworld founder, SayCupid founder, Kukubox co-founder 

Head of development: Seong-ryeol Seo
AruWorks founder, former Neowiz Japan Business Unit Manager 

Head of design: Kyoung-wook Kim
Crosswalk lab founder, former head of NHN UX Design Center